Nuclear and Particle Physics II

WS 2014/15      Ch. Weinheimer
Institut für Kernphysik, Room 220, Tel: 0251 833 4971, Email:
Sekretariat: Ms. Erdmann, Room 219, Tel: 0251 833 4970

Tuesday 1:15-2:00 pm, Thursday 2:15-4:00 pm, Seminarraum 104, Institut für Kernphysik

Language of the lecture:

This is a lecture in the Master Program. On request by participants, the lecture could be given in English, otherwise the lecture will be in German.


1) Introduction
lecture notes Oct. 14, 2014
(additional transperencies charmonium)
2) Dirac equation
lecture notes
(additional transperencies positron)
3) Local gauge invariance → free particles → interacting particles
lecture notes (missing 06.11.14)
(additional transperencies g electron experiment)  
4) Feynman-rules
  Calculation of a cross section
lecture notes
Herleitung eines Wirkungsquerschnitts
(additional transperencies g-2 muon experiment) (additional transperencies Lamb-shift)
5) Weak interaction
lecture notes
(additional transperencies Goldhaber experiment) (additional transperencies double beta decay)
6) Discovery of the W and Z bosons, number of neutrinos from Z-resonance
lecture notes
(additional transperencies W/Z bosons)
(the ALEPH detector at LEP)
7) Unification of electromagnetic and weak interactions
lecture notes
(additional transperencies)
8) Higgs mechanism, the discovery of the Higgs boson, the masses of fermions and gauge bosons
lecture notes
(additional transperencies)
(animation of the particle detection with the ATLAS detector at LHC)
(ATLAS detector: transperencies from a talk by Oleg Solovyanov)
(gif-animation of Higgs search with ATLAS detector with Higgs decay into 4 muons)
(gif-animation of Higgs search with ATLAS detector with Higgs decay into 2 photons)
(gif-animation of Higgs search with A\ TLAS detector with Higgs decay into 2 W bosons)
9) Strong interaction
lecture notes (29.01.15 only)
(additional transperencies strong interaction)
10) Physics beyond the Standard Model of particle physics
(additional transperencies neutrinos oscillation and masses)
(additional transperencies dark matter - evidences and detection)
(additional transperency running coupling constants with and without SUSY)

Web pages:

Script (in German):
Prelinary version (chapter 8 is only very fractionially included, chapter 11 not at all)

Notes of the lecture:
The notes from the electronic black board will be stored here


C. Berger: Elementarteilchenphysik Springer
F. Halzen, A. Martin: Quarks and Leptons Wiley & Sons (Theoriebuch)
B. Povh, K. Rith, Ch. Scholz, F. Zetsche: Teilchen und Kerne Springer (auch in Englisch erhältlich)
D. Perkins: Introduction to High-Energy-Physics Cambridge University Press (gibt es auch in Deutsch als ältere Ausgabe, ist aber zur Zeit vergriffen)
D. Griffiths: Introduction to Elementary Particles Wiley & Sons
P. Schmüser: Feynmangraphen für Experimentalphysiker Springer (Theoriebuch von einem Experimentalphysiker)