Neutrino Physics and Low Energy Astroparticle Physics

SS 2015      Ch. Weinheimer
Institut für Kernphysik, Room 220, Tel: 0251 833 4971
Sekretary: Frau Erdmann, Raum 219, Tel: 0251 833 4970

Lecture: Tuesday 14-16, SR 104, Institut für Kernphysik

This lecture deals with actual topcis of neutrino and astroparticle physcs especially at low energies. Therefore this lecture is well connected to the research topics of the group Weinheimer. The goal of this lecture is go deaper into these topics than normal lectures with a broader theme would allow. Therefore this lecture is addressed mainly to students, who imagine to write a bachelor, master or PhD thesis in this area or who are already working in this field.

One main topic are neutrino masses and the theoretical models for it, which go beyond the Yukawa coupling of neutrinos to the Higgs boson because of the smallness of neutrino masses. Experimentally the neutrino mass is being directly searched for in beta decay or electron capture as well indirectly by the search for the neutrinoless double beta decay. Another topic are the oscillation of low energy neutrinos from the sun or from nuclear reactors. From this area there appeared the hint for a fourth neutrino, which has to be sterile, i.e. it does not couple to the Z and the W bosons of electroweak interaction.

The second large theme of the lecture is the search for particle compising the Dark Matter. Up to recently the most favored Dark Matter candidates have been WIMPs (Weakly Interacting Massive Particles), which are explained by supersymmetric extensions of the Standard Model of particle physics. Now also sterile neutrinos with masses in the keV range (``Warm Dark Matte'') or axion-like particles are considered as good candidates for Dark Matter as well.

Preliminary content:

1) Introduction
lecture notes
2) Neutrino masses (and models) and recapitulation on neutrino oscillation
lecture notes
neutrino oscillation for 3 neutrino mixing case
3) Direct search for the neutrino mass scale in tritium beta decay
lecture notes up to 02.06.15
lecture notes on Raman spectroscopy from 09.06.15
lecture notes on transmission function from 16.06.15
4) Direct search for the neutrino mass scale in electron capture of Ho-163
lecture notes
5) Evidence for Dark Matter
lecture notes
6) WIMPs as Dark Matter candidates
lecture notes
7) Axion-like Dark Matter candidates
lecture notes
slides (including slides from a talk by L.J. Rosenberg)
8) Sterile neutrinos and keV neutrinos as Dark Matter candidates


H.V. Klapdor-Kleingrothaus/K. Zuber: Teilchenastrophysik, Teubner
Many references to review articles and original publications in journals will be given during the lecture

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